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Big Weir River Irwell December 13

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Carnage Clips Scotland 13

For Sale: Werner Powerhouse Paddles

Mike has a pair of hardly used red Werner Powerhouse paddles for sale.

Right handed, 196 length, no chunks missing just surface scratchs and only cosmetic.

#ForSale #Kayaking

Thoughts on Safety Gear

My thoughts on basic safety gear for paddling with your mates.

So you are now taking trips on the river regularly with mates. You have a boat, paddle, BA, deck and cag.

If you are paddling and learning with friends or a club you need to consider the responsibilities of being part of that group.
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Some thoughts on choosing a throwline:

Three lines shown here.

One good, one ok and one poor. There are plenty of good bags about and the reasons I like or dislike the bags below are to help you make a choice, not a recommendation.

HF is good, a sturdy bag, good opening for speed of repacking, thick line, floats well but travels best if thrown in a certain manner.

Palm is ok. It is an old bag and they have been re-designed since this one. I haven’t looked at their new ones but this bag has a floppy narrow entrance and it’s a pain to re-pack. It also has two much line for the bag. Frankly I should chop a meter off the line to make it fit.

The third rescue bag is poor for whitewater. The bag is floppy and difficult to grab, the bag is difficult to pack and it is flat so it is difficult to throw outdoors it catches the wind. It is a pool throwbag so not really used outside.

If you are buying a bag, look at mates purchases, ask them what works, ask them what they like and then buy what you like.

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For Sale – Perception Java


Used Perception Java for sale, shows usual scratches for a used boat of this type but all are light with no deep gouges and no repair.

On Ebay Here
A very well built boat, easy to paddle with enough volume for the most demanding of rivers. I have had a load of fun in this boat all over the UK and it has a lot of life left in it yet.
I have fitted a Liquid Logic ratchet style backband rather than the original bungee
style one to massively improve comfort and fit. I am 6’1″ and paddle wear trainers whilst paddling this so you should have not problems adjusting it to suit yourself. 
I will also leave the airbags in the boat.
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Corris Trip

Weekend trip to Corris is booked for 04 March at – 06 March, leaving Friday evening and back Sunday.

As usual we are aiming for last orders in Corris itself and staying in the Coventry Mountaineering Hut.

Usually a bit of paddling & walking, coffee & cake. Get your name to Becky ASAP. Cars will be sorted on Thursday 3rd at the pool.

Costs are £20 for accom, excluding fuel, meals and beer.